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Here’s another review for “Share the Wealth” by that great new author, Jack Dempsey:


April 3, 2018

Book Review

Sharing the Wealth – Jack Dempsey

Review Provided By: Mr. Jack Pearpoint

Inclusion Press International

47 Indian Trail

Toronto, On M6R 1Z8 Canada

As a publisher, as well as an avid reader, I have seen a plethora of books and articles, not to mention, media coverage, about the complexity of providing safe, sensitive, and human supports for those of us, who from time to time, need extra help in being contributing citizens of society. The media is full of frightening stories, revealing the abuses that occur in residential schools, institutions, senior facilities, and beyond.

In addition to that, the number of first-hand accounts describing their personal and perilous ordeals is at an all-time high.  So that being said, it was very refreshing for me to come across the book “Sharing the Wealth.”

“Sharing the Wealth” is a fictional novel that attempts to peel back the layers, and tells a story from the perspective of a professional in the field who works as a rehabilitation counsellor. The book talks about the struggles, challenges, and delights of working with individuals that have disabilities, but in the end, the main character, Mr. Jack O’Leary, ultimately realizes that he is the lucky one in this complex human services equation.

By fictionalizing this account, many of the thorny issues we face in our society are explored – without blame – but with the insight from an insider perspective.  No one ever said that life was simple – especially when humans are involved.

So for people who are either “in the system,” or perhaps thinking of a career in the “supportive industry,” then this book may be of great value to you. With the use of a great storyline, which at times takes some unexpected and entertaining twists and turns, it attempts to reveal the rewards of the great work that can be accomplished in human services. The author was able to tell an insightful and heart-warming story by blending some poignant and good-humored elements. This is a story that would also appeal to the general public as well.


There you have it. Get on over to Amazon and order your copy today.

That’s all for now. Until next time I remain , your friend the Wordspinner


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Greetings friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

I did some housekeeping of the blog today, getting rid of a lot of old posts and want to start off fresh with a review I posted on Amazon for “Sharing the Wealth” by a debut author and good friend, Jack Dempsey:


I feel truly privileged to review “Sharing the WEALTH” by Jack Dempsey. At first I was thrown by the title of the novel, but don’t let it fool you. “Sharing the WEALTH” is not about spreading your opulence around; rather it’s about a mixture of pathos and hopefulness that permeates Dempsey’s story.

It didn’t take long for me to discover that I was being treated to folksy, down to earth story telling style reminiscent of the classic story telling of Garrison Keeler and Jean Shepherd, both of whom I enjoyed in my youth. In fact, Dempsey has such a folksy writing style, that it’s very easy to get lost in the story as dozens of pages fly by. This novel is a tour de force of compassionate tenderness; about human abilities and possibilities. It is the most down to earth, common sense book that I have ever read.

The novel centers on the life and experiences of Jack O’Leary as he begins a career pathas a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor; himself, with a vision handicap. What he encounters forms the basis of this truly entertaining novel, full of beguiling vignettes as he interacts with the intellectually disabled, fellow counselors, public and private bureaucrats and with business owners that he views as potential employers of disabled workers.

The author is spot on with his appraisal of the current approach by government agencies at all levels, private organizations and business entities in dealing with those with learning disabilities. Degreed in Rehabilitation Counseling, Dempsey comes to the table well equipped with first-hand experience that forms the basis of his passion.

“Sharing the WEALTH is a must read for readers of all ages. Regardless of our station in life, we inevitably interface with children and adults with developmental disabilities. This book not only helps us to empathize with that segment of our society too often neglected, but also to look past obvious differences to see the possibilities that a sound program can provide by recognizing and building on a disabled person’s dreams and abilities.

K. J. Janssen

Author of “The Journey” and “Siblings”

You’ll want to check this one out. Get on over to Amazon and get your copy of the paperback or ebook.

That’s all for now. Until next time, I remain,

The Wordspinner, Ken Janssen









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Copy of radio interview for “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

Speaker Introduction

It is my pleasure to introduce one of the countries up-and-coming spiritual writers. K. J. Janssen

Ken has been writing fiction since he was eight, but it wasn’t until he retired, several years back, that he took up writing as a profession. His first two novels, Blood Money and Fatal Dose, featured a tough FBI Special Agent with a bunch of bad guys to track down and a host of love interests to spice up his life.

From there, he moved to his first drama, with the novel Family Matters about a family that ran roughshod over their townsfolk until one of them hired an assassin to kill the family and burn their Mansion to the ground.

Continuing with the drama genre, he next penned Siblings in which the Symington family, though a well respected family on the outside, live lives that include adultery, drug trips and illegal abortions, in this exciting thriller about family life in a small New England town.

It was at this point in his literary career that Ken decided to turn to spiritual works that would mirror his life and beliefs. The Journey, a New Thought novel is his first such novel and it has risen to the top of the sales charts for multiple genres.
His lifetime of living New Thought principles spans over fifty years and makes him a voice worth listening to.

Let’s give a big hand to the author of “The Journey”, K. J. Janssen

Why did you write this book?
I couldn’t find any spiritual books that I was comfortable reading. There were either too many restrictions or too much dogma. I decided to fill the gap with a novel that would provide answers to life’s questions and at the same time provide an intriguing story. So I wrote “The Journey” as a novel.
“The Journey” is as provocative as it is inspirational. It is a spiritual book about a new way of thinking. As long as we’re alive, there is no final reckoning; the best we can do is try to be at peace with what we believe.

What surprised you the most as you wrote this book?
I was mostly amazed that most religious books, even those claiming to be ‘new age” books, failed to offer any new insights into our time here on earth. Too much effort was devoted to the hereafter and not enough on our daily lives. Early on in my research, I recognized that the ways of man were the result of “group thinking” or the “Collective Unconscious” and not the ways of our Creator, God Almighty. From that realization, came the Eight Postulates that form the basis of the novel’s plot.

What do you believe will surprise readers the most?
Discovering that there is no place like “heaven” or “hell”. That the Kingdom of God is here on earth, dwelling in each of us, just as the prophet Jesus told us. It is as near as our next breath, if only we will recognize and accept into our hearts and souls.

Did writing this novel change your life in any way?
Absolutely! It required me to reconsider my beliefs about how entry into the Kingdom of God is attained. It is not through strict rules, secret rituals or dogma, but rather by acknowledging God Almighty as the one and only God (no three persons- read the First Commandment), by confessing our sins and inviting his Holy Spirit empowerment into our lives. It couldn’t be any simpler.

What do you hope will happen to those who read your book?
My sincere wish is that “The Journey” will awaken a latent desire in their hearts to know God better and to seek entry into His Kingdom on Earth. It’s there for all regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity. Most of all, I wish for them to realize that there is more to life than being born, existing and dying. There is the Kingdom of God… that edenic existence that our Creator intended for us…that peace that passes all understanding. We all can live a much better life.

How did you do your research for “The Journey”?
My religious upbringing was in a traditional Christian home. In college I was exposed to Thomas Paine’s ‘Age of Reason” and it had a profound effect on my spiritual thinking; freeing me from the shackles of religious dogma. Since that time, I nurtured my new freedom with a healthy dose of “new thought” concepts as taught by the most notable spiritual leaders of that movement. After 50 years of experiential living with the highest ideals that new thought teaching has to offer, I felt comfortable using the medium of an inspirational novel to offer a new way of life to the world.

Thank you for allowing us to share “The Journey” with you. For those who haven’t as yet read this inspiring novel, it is available on Amazon at:




Thank you Mr. Janssen for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you the best with “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

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Now you can be Book Reviewer

Dear friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

Now you can have the prestige of being a “Book Reviewer” for a major Indy publisher. Contact Big O Publishing Group today ( ) for details.
My novel “The Journey” is available for review and your request to read it would be greatly appreciated.
Don’t miss this opportunity.
Your friend,
Ken the Wordspinner
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More accolades for “Siblings”

Dear Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

I want to take this opportunity to thank Rose Shapiro for the kind words she had for “Siblings” by K. J. Janssen in her weekly column “”Forever Siblings”.

If you haven’t experienced this novel yet, what are you waiting for? It is acclaimed as the best romance novel of the 2015-2016 reading season.

Find it at: KINDLE:

Don’t miss out on this memorable read.

That’s it for now.

I remain the Wordspinner,


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Hello all you friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

I have some great news to share with you.

My latest novel “The Journey” will be released on November 1, 2016.

‘The Journey” is a departure from the thriller, family and romance genres that you have gotten used to. It is a spiritual novel similiar to “The Shack” and it’s full of surprises.

I’ll have more as things progress, but for now I can tell you that it will be published as a paperback and also be available as an ebook.

My best to you all,

Ken ( the Wordspinner)




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Dear friends of the Wordspinner’s Place.

Looking for a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Why not give her a topselling romance novel?

I recommend “Siblings” by K. J. Janssen.

It’s available at Amazon:


She will love you for it.

That’s all for now.

My best,

Ken ( the Wordspinner)

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