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I thought you might enjoy reading this facebook post by Roy Posner.


Q: So there seems to be a number of ways people can learn to improve themselves and understand and master life.

A: Yes. An individual can at the highest level participate in the unfolding of the spiritual destiny of the universe, or, if a little less ambitious(!), can simply learn to make his being more whole by learning the fundamental techniques of personal growth — including higher attitudes, more skills, greater and more integral knowledge, more energy, more organization, and other capacities to make them an a more integral person.

One can also learn the inner functionings of life, including the subtle principles and powers of Life Response and Consecration, i.e. opening to the spiritual Force when engaging in life. These will attract extraordinary results, and if taken up in full with sincerity enables one to become the Master of Life.

One can also learn, if so inclined, to understand how the universe came to be from a divine source. Such principles of creation as Satchitananda, and the nature of the Truth Consciousness (Supermind) that Sri Aurobindo has so magnificently identified and brought into the world.

One can also embark on a journey of spiritual transformation, including the discovery of one’s personal evolving soul, as well as opening to the descending spiritual Force and Light that enables us to transform our physical, vital, and mental nature, thus evolving into a new spiritual-oriented being. That can culminate in an ultimate change, a supramental transformation, where we develop a Supernature, and become harbingers of a new type of spirit-oriented individual on earth.

So which path should one take? It depends on what we are ready for. What we aspire for, what motivates us, what we hunger for, looking for, are seeking in life.

I hope you liked it. Check out Roy Posner on ther web and on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.

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Copy of radio interview for “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

Speaker Introduction

It is my pleasure to introduce one of the countries up-and-coming spiritual writers. K. J. Janssen

Ken has been writing fiction since he was eight, but it wasn’t until he retired, several years back, that he took up writing as a profession. His first two novels, Blood Money and Fatal Dose, featured a tough FBI Special Agent with a bunch of bad guys to track down and a host of love interests to spice up his life.

From there, he moved to his first drama, with the novel Family Matters about a family that ran roughshod over their townsfolk until one of them hired an assassin to kill the family and burn their Mansion to the ground.

Continuing with the drama genre, he next penned Siblings in which the Symington family, though a well respected family on the outside, live lives that include adultery, drug trips and illegal abortions, in this exciting thriller about family life in a small New England town.

It was at this point in his literary career that Ken decided to turn to spiritual works that would mirror his life and beliefs. The Journey, a New Thought novel is his first such novel and it has risen to the top of the sales charts for multiple genres.
His lifetime of living New Thought principles spans over fifty years and makes him a voice worth listening to.

Let’s give a big hand to the author of “The Journey”, K. J. Janssen

Why did you write this book?
I couldn’t find any spiritual books that I was comfortable reading. There were either too many restrictions or too much dogma. I decided to fill the gap with a novel that would provide answers to life’s questions and at the same time provide an intriguing story. So I wrote “The Journey” as a novel.
“The Journey” is as provocative as it is inspirational. It is a spiritual book about a new way of thinking. As long as we’re alive, there is no final reckoning; the best we can do is try to be at peace with what we believe.

What surprised you the most as you wrote this book?
I was mostly amazed that most religious books, even those claiming to be ‘new age” books, failed to offer any new insights into our time here on earth. Too much effort was devoted to the hereafter and not enough on our daily lives. Early on in my research, I recognized that the ways of man were the result of “group thinking” or the “Collective Unconscious” and not the ways of our Creator, God Almighty. From that realization, came the Eight Postulates that form the basis of the novel’s plot.

What do you believe will surprise readers the most?
Discovering that there is no place like “heaven” or “hell”. That the Kingdom of God is here on earth, dwelling in each of us, just as the prophet Jesus told us. It is as near as our next breath, if only we will recognize and accept into our hearts and souls.

Did writing this novel change your life in any way?
Absolutely! It required me to reconsider my beliefs about how entry into the Kingdom of God is attained. It is not through strict rules, secret rituals or dogma, but rather by acknowledging God Almighty as the one and only God (no three persons- read the First Commandment), by confessing our sins and inviting his Holy Spirit empowerment into our lives. It couldn’t be any simpler.

What do you hope will happen to those who read your book?
My sincere wish is that “The Journey” will awaken a latent desire in their hearts to know God better and to seek entry into His Kingdom on Earth. It’s there for all regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity. Most of all, I wish for them to realize that there is more to life than being born, existing and dying. There is the Kingdom of God… that edenic existence that our Creator intended for us…that peace that passes all understanding. We all can live a much better life.

How did you do your research for “The Journey”?
My religious upbringing was in a traditional Christian home. In college I was exposed to Thomas Paine’s ‘Age of Reason” and it had a profound effect on my spiritual thinking; freeing me from the shackles of religious dogma. Since that time, I nurtured my new freedom with a healthy dose of “new thought” concepts as taught by the most notable spiritual leaders of that movement. After 50 years of experiential living with the highest ideals that new thought teaching has to offer, I felt comfortable using the medium of an inspirational novel to offer a new way of life to the world.

Thank you for allowing us to share “The Journey” with you. For those who haven’t as yet read this inspiring novel, it is available on Amazon at:




Thank you Mr. Janssen for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you the best with “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

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Dear Friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

It is amazing that God forgives a lifetime of our trespasses and still opens up his earthly Kingdom to us.

Mainstream religions want to throw up all kinds of obstructions to keep us from the simplicity of a direct one-on-one fellowship with God.

My upcoming book “SPIRIT” will spell out the possibilities for you, but in the interim reading my spiritual novel “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen will prepare you for what is to come.

Get your copy at:

Until then, I remain,

Your Friend, Ken,The Wordspinner

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Dear friends of the Wordspinners Place,

We’ve been discussing “The Journey” for quite a while now, so I thought that this might be  a good time to recap my other novels in case you want to either get one you missed for yourself, or maybe gift one or more to a friend or loved one.


BLOOD MONEY- Ebook $0.99

FATAL DOSE- Ebook $2.51


SIBLINGS- Ebook $3.99     Paperback $14.28


Take a look at them on Amazon. They make great reading and great gifts.

My very best to you.

Ken (The Wordspinner)

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Dear friends of the Wordspinner,

I am pleased to report that my latest novel and first spiritual book, has been well received not only by the New Thought community, but by men and women eager to release the shackles of religious dogma.

The novel got off to a slow start because of a an unanticipated delay between the publishing and release dates for the book, but once it got started it took off by word of mouth and reviews like that in New Thought  magazine in its spring issue).

The following is a recent release on Facebook.



You will find it at:




If you like it, review it. I will be very grateful.

My best to you,

Ken (The Wordspinner)


The Journey: …eight postulates to live by

There is a widespread change taking place in what it means to be religious. More and more spiritual people are moving away from ethical guidelines and the disciplines of institutional religion towards a new approach; one that uses reason and common…

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There is a widespread change taking place in what it means to be religious. More and more spiritual people are moving away from ethical guidelines and the disciplines of institutional religion towards a new approach; one that uses reason and common sense to answer the poignant questions that dogm…
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If you missed the pre-release discounts. fear not. Due to the outstanding demand for the novel, Big O Publishing Group has decided to continue their discount pricing, indefinately. Go to:

Get your own copy or gift it to some lucky friend or family member. You will be thanked for your kindness.

Another thing, after you have read the novel, you can go to Amazon and do a review. (5 stars will be appreciated). It doesn’t matter whether you bought the book from them…as long as you are a customer of theirs, you can write a review. If you are so inclined, here are the links:




“The Journey” is the most profound treatise into the Kingdom of Heaven to ever be published. The rewards you will derive from reading each exciting page are without number.

The novel has been compared to “The Shack”, the best selling novel recently turned into a movie. The comparison of the two novels ends with the Spiritual Fiction genre. There is no comparison between content and lasting value to readers.

See for yourself. Take advantage of the publishers generous offer today.


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There is a widespread change taking place in what it means to be religious. More and more spiritual people are moving away from ethical guidelines and the disciplines of institutional religion towards a new approach; one that uses reason and common sense to answer the poignant questions that dogm…
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Dear Friends of the Woprdspinners Place,

I am pleased to announce that my latest novel is now available.


We are at the threshold of a new period for Christianity. We are in a time of spiritual renewal when nothing is exempted from our introspection.

The Journey introduces the technique of Reflection, where we are able to touch our Christ Consciousness (the Spirit of God within us) and find the “way” in all matters in our lives.

In The Journey, I leave no stone unturned in demonstrating the wisdom of adopting a new path that can lead us to the Kingdom of God here on earth.

The Journey is as provocative as it is inspirational. It’s a spiritual novel about a new way of thinking.


The Journey is a must read for anyone wanting to cast aside the rules and regulations of traditional organized religions for the freedom to seek the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
Nancy Mondel, Owner and Chief Reviewer at Spiritual Gleanings

The Journey is now available at:  at a discounted price.

Don’t miss this outstanding read.

That’s all for now.

Your friend Ken


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