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I had planned to add more installments of “Common Sense in a time of Spiritual Pandemonium” to my blog, The Wordspinner’s Place, but of necessity I must discontinue that practice as I work on a new version of the book. It will now be titled “Tumult” and will be written as a spiritual novel. I hope you are intrigued enough to seek the book when it is published.


The Wordspinner

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Installment Three- Common Sense in a Time of Spiritual Pandemonium

A brief history of the Kingdom of God on Earth

-God created the Garden of Eden (the Kingdom of God
on Earth) and populated it with mankind. He
established rules for man to follow.

-Mankind rebelled against God’s rules and God withdrew
his blessings, leaving man to fend
for himself.

-Mankind struggles with life on his own; living by
the “sweat of his brow”. Without God’s support man
originates disease, mortality and hostilities
with his fellow man.

-Seeing the misery that man has created, God relents
and offers mankind a chance at redemption through
repentance, the empowering of His Divine Spirit and a
new fellowship.

-God and mankind begin to rebuild the Kingdom of God on
Earth. The process will continue for eternity.

That’s it for today. Be sure to come back next week for the next installment.

I welcome the opportunity for you to email me at to discuss this serial presentation. Put “common Sense ” in the subject box.

Until then, I remain,
(The Wordspinner)

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Installment Two- Common Sense in a Time of Spiritual Pandemonium

In the story of the fall of man, humanity is depicted as coming to an awareness of the difference between good and evil. This not what God wanted for humanity, which was a life of all good.
Sometimes we think of good and evil beyond our ability to know, but the truth is that knowing right and wrong is rather easy.
The first aspect of right and wrong is simply not maltreating another person. This not only includes what you do, but also what and how you communicate with them. There are many pwho would never do physical harm to another person, but who think nothing about verbal abuse, especially when it involves their spouses and children.
The second aspect is not to do damage to ourselves. God does not want us to hurt others and He certainly doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves. It is not okay that habits like smoking, drinking and overeating only hurts the abuser. All bad habits violate God’s will and a are a desecration of the Temple in which His Divine Spirit dwells.
The third aspect of right action is to avoid any behavior that threatens our relationship with God. Occasions of sin stand out as an area to be avoided.
Summing it up, right is doing good to others, taking care of ourselves and striving to strengthen our relationship with our creator, God Almighty. Wrong is doing anything that hurts someone else, hurts oneself or hurts one’s relationship with God.
It’s plain and simple. What I mean by that is that one has but to look around and see that God created a perfect world. This very Earth we are on is the Garden of Eden.
The world is a perfect place. Without mankind on the Earth, there is no hate, cruelty or wars. All other creatures on the Earth live by instinct, so they do nothing ‘wrong’, only what is ‘right’ for their nature.

The Kingdom of God
Jesus constantly told his disciples that the Kingdom of God is at hand. This is true; the Kingdom of God is at hand. It has always been at hand. What he wanted them to understand was that God’s Kingdom is here and now for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
However, we must return to God to enter His Kingdom. It is through repentance for our transgressions that we return to God and through His grace enter the Kingdom.


Your friend,
Ken, the Wordspinner

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New Book Serial Coming

Good afternoon friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

Eight month’s ago, I began writing “Common Sense in a time of Spiritual Pandemonium” by K. J. JANSSEN. It was intended to be a sequel to my spiritual novel “The Journey”.

Today I decided that rather than publish the work as a book, I would serialize here at “The Wordspinner’s Place”

Below is the first installment:

Living in the Kingdom of God on Earth

In the story of the fall of man we are said to have come to an awareness of the difference between good and evil. We are characterized as choosing a life in rebellion to God rather than in harmony with Him. This was in direct opposition to what God wanted for humanity, which was a life that is all good.
Sometimes we think of good and evil as beyond our ability to really know or accept, but the truth is that knowing what is right is rather easy. To begin with, to do right is not do anything which would harm another person. This includes our actions, the way we treat people and especially how we how we communicate with them. (Words can be very damaging.)
To do right we must also never do anything to hurt ourselves. It is just as wrong to engage in activities that do harm to us as it is to do wrong to someone else. The list of things that can do harm to ourselves is too long to be presented here (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.). You know what they are, so take heed. Harming yourself is hurting a child of God.
There is one more action that we can classify as wrong and that is engaging in any activity that could weaken your relationship with God. We should constantly express our gratitude to God for the indwelling of His Divine Spirit. Without this Empowerment we would be totally ineffective in our daily activities.

This very Earth we are on is the Garden of Eden.

Jesus tells us that Kingdom of God is at hand; it is here and now for those who want to return to God and to join His kingdom. Yes, the Kingdom of God is at hand. It has always been at hand. Through love we return to God. We join in the Kingdom of God by loving all people, regardless of differences.
With love we can reenter the Garden of Eden.

I hope you will come back for more. Keep checking in…I’ll try to do one a section per week.

If you have any comments or would like to discuss anything I write, please contact me by e-Mail at

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

I remain,

Ken, the Wordspinner

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Dear friends of the Wordspinner,

I thought you might enjoy reading this facebook post by Roy Posner.


Q: So there seems to be a number of ways people can learn to improve themselves and understand and master life.

A: Yes. An individual can at the highest level participate in the unfolding of the spiritual destiny of the universe, or, if a little less ambitious(!), can simply learn to make his being more whole by learning the fundamental techniques of personal growth — including higher attitudes, more skills, greater and more integral knowledge, more energy, more organization, and other capacities to make them an a more integral person.

One can also learn the inner functionings of life, including the subtle principles and powers of Life Response and Consecration, i.e. opening to the spiritual Force when engaging in life. These will attract extraordinary results, and if taken up in full with sincerity enables one to become the Master of Life.

One can also learn, if so inclined, to understand how the universe came to be from a divine source. Such principles of creation as Satchitananda, and the nature of the Truth Consciousness (Supermind) that Sri Aurobindo has so magnificently identified and brought into the world.

One can also embark on a journey of spiritual transformation, including the discovery of one’s personal evolving soul, as well as opening to the descending spiritual Force and Light that enables us to transform our physical, vital, and mental nature, thus evolving into a new spiritual-oriented being. That can culminate in an ultimate change, a supramental transformation, where we develop a Supernature, and become harbingers of a new type of spirit-oriented individual on earth.

So which path should one take? It depends on what we are ready for. What we aspire for, what motivates us, what we hunger for, looking for, are seeking in life.

I hope you liked it. Check out Roy Posner on ther web and on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.

That’s all for now from the Wordspinner,


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Copy of radio interview for “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

Speaker Introduction

It is my pleasure to introduce one of the countries up-and-coming spiritual writers. K. J. Janssen

Ken has been writing fiction since he was eight, but it wasn’t until he retired, several years back, that he took up writing as a profession. His first two novels, Blood Money and Fatal Dose, featured a tough FBI Special Agent with a bunch of bad guys to track down and a host of love interests to spice up his life.

From there, he moved to his first drama, with the novel Family Matters about a family that ran roughshod over their townsfolk until one of them hired an assassin to kill the family and burn their Mansion to the ground.

Continuing with the drama genre, he next penned Siblings in which the Symington family, though a well respected family on the outside, live lives that include adultery, drug trips and illegal abortions, in this exciting thriller about family life in a small New England town.

It was at this point in his literary career that Ken decided to turn to spiritual works that would mirror his life and beliefs. The Journey, a New Thought novel is his first such novel and it has risen to the top of the sales charts for multiple genres.
His lifetime of living New Thought principles spans over fifty years and makes him a voice worth listening to.

Let’s give a big hand to the author of “The Journey”, K. J. Janssen

Why did you write this book?
I couldn’t find any spiritual books that I was comfortable reading. There were either too many restrictions or too much dogma. I decided to fill the gap with a novel that would provide answers to life’s questions and at the same time provide an intriguing story. So I wrote “The Journey” as a novel.
“The Journey” is as provocative as it is inspirational. It is a spiritual book about a new way of thinking. As long as we’re alive, there is no final reckoning; the best we can do is try to be at peace with what we believe.

What surprised you the most as you wrote this book?
I was mostly amazed that most religious books, even those claiming to be ‘new age” books, failed to offer any new insights into our time here on earth. Too much effort was devoted to the hereafter and not enough on our daily lives. Early on in my research, I recognized that the ways of man were the result of “group thinking” or the “Collective Unconscious” and not the ways of our Creator, God Almighty. From that realization, came the Eight Postulates that form the basis of the novel’s plot.

What do you believe will surprise readers the most?
Discovering that there is no place like “heaven” or “hell”. That the Kingdom of God is here on earth, dwelling in each of us, just as the prophet Jesus told us. It is as near as our next breath, if only we will recognize and accept into our hearts and souls.

Did writing this novel change your life in any way?
Absolutely! It required me to reconsider my beliefs about how entry into the Kingdom of God is attained. It is not through strict rules, secret rituals or dogma, but rather by acknowledging God Almighty as the one and only God (no three persons- read the First Commandment), by confessing our sins and inviting his Holy Spirit empowerment into our lives. It couldn’t be any simpler.

What do you hope will happen to those who read your book?
My sincere wish is that “The Journey” will awaken a latent desire in their hearts to know God better and to seek entry into His Kingdom on Earth. It’s there for all regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity. Most of all, I wish for them to realize that there is more to life than being born, existing and dying. There is the Kingdom of God… that edenic existence that our Creator intended for us…that peace that passes all understanding. We all can live a much better life.

How did you do your research for “The Journey”?
My religious upbringing was in a traditional Christian home. In college I was exposed to Thomas Paine’s ‘Age of Reason” and it had a profound effect on my spiritual thinking; freeing me from the shackles of religious dogma. Since that time, I nurtured my new freedom with a healthy dose of “new thought” concepts as taught by the most notable spiritual leaders of that movement. After 50 years of experiential living with the highest ideals that new thought teaching has to offer, I felt comfortable using the medium of an inspirational novel to offer a new way of life to the world.

Thank you for allowing us to share “The Journey” with you. For those who haven’t as yet read this inspiring novel, it is available on Amazon at:




Thank you Mr. Janssen for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you the best with “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen

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Dear Friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

It is amazing that God forgives a lifetime of our trespasses and still opens up his earthly Kingdom to us.

Mainstream religions want to throw up all kinds of obstructions to keep us from the simplicity of a direct one-on-one fellowship with God.

My upcoming book “SPIRIT” will spell out the possibilities for you, but in the interim reading my spiritual novel “The Journey” by K. J. Janssen will prepare you for what is to come.

Get your copy at:

Until then, I remain,

Your Friend, Ken,The Wordspinner

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