Dear friends of the Wordspinner,


Many of the largest fast food restaurants do not pay their employees for sick time off. Yet, you are being encouraged to go to these places of business for take-out meals.

If their workers are not paid for sick time, then you are risking that the food prepared and packaged for you at these establishments may be handled by employees who are sick and who can’t afford to stay at home because they won’t be paid. THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE BEEN WARNED TO AVOID.

just about all the fast food burger places and franchise restaurants are among those who DO NOT pay employees paid sick leave. Add to this the previously dine-in restaurants that are now providing curb service (who may have the same no-sick-pay policies) and you get the magnitude of this potential danger.

These days it is probably wisest to prepare your own food from fresh produce, canned and frozen sources and to avoid establishments that may harbor sick employees.

Be careful and be well.

Your friend,
Ken, The Wordspinner

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Dear friends of The Wordspinner

Let not your heart be troubled with things like the Corona Virus. God knows firsthand and understands our pain; He knows firsthand what our needs are. He became human and experienced the total of the human condition through the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ

God was willing to experience our suffering through the life and death of His son.. HE ABSOLUTELY GETS IT! So we must never give up. Our Prayers may not be answered immediately for good reasons, i.e. it may not be the right time in our spiritual growth, but by asking repeatedly, we may eventually reach the point where things have finally changed and the granting of our request may be possible.

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Dear novel Reader,

You’ve worked hard all day, dinner is over, the dishes are done and you finally have some quiet time to spend by yourself. You check out the Tv Guide and nothing looks interesting.

What you really want is a good book. Something that will catch and hold your interest; a story that will take you beyond your daily existence and into an exciting new world you only dream about.

A book like “Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart” by K. J. Janssen.

Here’s what to expect:

One of the most heartrending choices a mother can make is giving up her newborn child.
Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart is an epic novel about the plight of one such mother who gave up her child at birth, but decides twenty-three years later to find him to reassure her that she had made the right choice.
Can Miriam Walton overcome the catastrophic obstacles that are thrown in her way as she seeks to reunite with the son she gave up at birth?
Will her husband support her plan to reveal herself to her son Thomas?
Will Thomas recover from the Traumatic Brain Injury he sustained in a stage collapse and will he accept Miriam as the mother he had hoped to find one day?
What of the parents that raised him as a foster child, Thomas’s fiancé and the attorney that has fallen in love with Miriam?

“Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart” will rivet your attention to every page with it’s compelling characters and non-stop action.

Get your copy today as a paperback or ebook. You’ll find it at Amazon.com

That’s all for today,

Your friend, The Wordspinner
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Don’t Forget about Sibling’ Day

Greetings friends of the Wordspinner.

Next month, April 10th to be exact, we will be celebrating Siblings Day.

It’s not to early to think of a unique way that you can make the day special for your brothers and/or sisters.

A phone call would be especially nice, giving you both the opportunity to interact, but if  that is not practical, send a card or letter that will let them know that you are thinking about them.

As I’m thinking about Siblings Day, I of course am reminded about my novel “Siblings”  by K. J. Janssen. It achieved much notoriety as both a family drama read and as an expose on the timely subject of abortions.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read this work, you can still do it by going to           Amazon.com.

Well, that’s all now,

Your friend, Ken (The Wordspinner)









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We Must Only Worship God

Jesus said in Matthew 4:10, “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.” If we worship God in spirit and in truth, we cannot worship anyone or anything else.

Yet we. in error, violate this commandment in many of our prayer habits.

Anything we worship, other than God, is an idol.  God forbids us to make and worship idols. We see we are not to make any image whether it is a statue or any likeness of anything in heaven or earth to worship them.

But this is done today when people worship icons. People bow down and pray to statues and painted pictures, some, the supposed likeness of the mother of Jesus or one of the many who are called saints. This is in direct disobedience to the command of God.

God is the only one we are to worship because He is a jealous God and does not allow us to worship anyone other than Himself. We must only worship God and our worship must be in spirit and in truth.

Think this over carefully and correct any behavior that may be jeopardizing your fellowship with Almighty God.

That’s all for now.

The Wordspinner,


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This year give books that both entertain and inform.

Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart, by K. J. Janssen not only tells the heart rendering story of Miriam Walton’s search for the son she gave up at birth, but also shares with us fascinating facts about the foster-care system.

Siblings by K. J. Janssen tells a fascinating story about the Symington family, but also gives us new insights into drugs and abortions.

These are double whammy gifts!

Get them at http://Amazon.com

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Recently I had a Heart Procedure which caused me to do lot of thinking about mortality and even more important, what life is all about.

Why am I on this earth?

What is expected of me?

How do I go about it?

It’s appalling that probably the majority of the seven billion inhabitants of this earth have little understanding of their purpose for being here and their obligations to the creator for making it all possible.

When the human race was created, great thing were expected of them if they followed the rules. They did not and as a result mankind was left to make it on their own. History has shown that they have not done well in that regard. Left to their own devices they have turned the world into chaos and destitution. Our world today is a far cry from the Eden that was intended.

The Lord’s Prayer (modern version) says, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven,” In other words, we are asking Almighty God to bring the Kingdom of God including its jurisdiction to our planet to rule over us. Now, while we seem to be asking God to take over the running of our affairs, we on the other hand zealously cling to our man-made governmental structures, even to fighting bloody wars to preserve them.

We (Christians, that is) believe that Christ Jesus will return to earth someday to be the administrator of God’s Kingdom, over which He will rule for 1000 Years. No one knows when the time will be, many speculate, many prophesize, but only Almighty God knows when He will step in and take over.

In the meantime God has blessed us with His Holy Spirit to indwell in believers and to empower them to accomplish great works for the honor and glory of Almighty God. All the

acts of those so guided prepare the way for the eventual coming. We can rely on the Holy Spirit


to enable us to live life to the fullest and to remove all obstacles in our lives. The Holy Spirit


intercedes with the Father on our behalf.






our power over the negative things of the world (sickness, poverty, etc.)


In other words, when we allow our Holy Spirit to be our guide in all things and to direct our


activities, our lives are lived to the maximum for the Honor and Glory of Almighty God.



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