Dear friends of the Wordspinner’s place,

I want to reply to those of you who have sent emails thanking me for writing “Siblings”. Due to the large number, I’m using my blog, rather than sending individual replies.

The thing I hear the most is that you “see” yourself and your siblings in the story of the Symington family. “Memory lane” can be good reading, especially when a fast-paced family drama becomes the vehicle and of course the hot romance scenes offer a titillating bonus.

“Siblings” puts  “50 Shades” to shame when it comes to “hot” and “steamy” sex.

I urge those of you that have missed out on the excitement thus far, to latch on to a copy as soon as you can. You’ll find “SIBLINGS” at Amazon:


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The Symington Parents… Marilyn Symington strives to be a good mother and the family peacemaker. But when lingering health issues send her to her husband’s business partner Dr. John Hazelton, she is drawn into an illicit relationship which…
That’s all for now. I thank you for your continued support of my writing.
My best to you,
Ken (The Worsdspinner)






















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