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Here’s another review for “Share the Wealth” by that great new author, Jack Dempsey:


April 3, 2018

Book Review

Sharing the Wealth – Jack Dempsey

Review Provided By: Mr. Jack Pearpoint

Inclusion Press International

47 Indian Trail

Toronto, On M6R 1Z8 Canada

As a publisher, as well as an avid reader, I have seen a plethora of books and articles, not to mention, media coverage, about the complexity of providing safe, sensitive, and human supports for those of us, who from time to time, need extra help in being contributing citizens of society. The media is full of frightening stories, revealing the abuses that occur in residential schools, institutions, senior facilities, and beyond.

In addition to that, the number of first-hand accounts describing their personal and perilous ordeals is at an all-time high.  So that being said, it was very refreshing for me to come across the book “Sharing the Wealth.”

“Sharing the Wealth” is a fictional novel that attempts to peel back the layers, and tells a story from the perspective of a professional in the field who works as a rehabilitation counsellor. The book talks about the struggles, challenges, and delights of working with individuals that have disabilities, but in the end, the main character, Mr. Jack O’Leary, ultimately realizes that he is the lucky one in this complex human services equation.

By fictionalizing this account, many of the thorny issues we face in our society are explored – without blame – but with the insight from an insider perspective.  No one ever said that life was simple – especially when humans are involved.

So for people who are either “in the system,” or perhaps thinking of a career in the “supportive industry,” then this book may be of great value to you. With the use of a great storyline, which at times takes some unexpected and entertaining twists and turns, it attempts to reveal the rewards of the great work that can be accomplished in human services. The author was able to tell an insightful and heart-warming story by blending some poignant and good-humored elements. This is a story that would also appeal to the general public as well.


There you have it. Get on over to Amazon and order your copy today.

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