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I did some housekeeping of the blog today, getting rid of a lot of old posts and want to start off fresh with a review I posted on Amazon for “Sharing the Wealth” by a debut author and good friend, Jack Dempsey:


I feel truly privileged to review “Sharing the WEALTH” by Jack Dempsey. At first I was thrown by the title of the novel, but don’t let it fool you. “Sharing the WEALTH” is not about spreading your opulence around; rather it’s about a mixture of pathos and hopefulness that permeates Dempsey’s story.

It didn’t take long for me to discover that I was being treated to folksy, down to earth story telling style reminiscent of the classic story telling of Garrison Keeler and Jean Shepherd, both of whom I enjoyed in my youth. In fact, Dempsey has such a folksy writing style, that it’s very easy to get lost in the story as dozens of pages fly by. This novel is a tour de force of compassionate tenderness; about human abilities and possibilities. It is the most down to earth, common sense book that I have ever read.

The novel centers on the life and experiences of Jack O’Leary as he begins a career pathas a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor; himself, with a vision handicap. What he encounters forms the basis of this truly entertaining novel, full of beguiling vignettes as he interacts with the intellectually disabled, fellow counselors, public and private bureaucrats and with business owners that he views as potential employers of disabled workers.

The author is spot on with his appraisal of the current approach by government agencies at all levels, private organizations and business entities in dealing with those with learning disabilities. Degreed in Rehabilitation Counseling, Dempsey comes to the table well equipped with first-hand experience that forms the basis of his passion.

“Sharing the WEALTH is a must read for readers of all ages. Regardless of our station in life, we inevitably interface with children and adults with developmental disabilities. This book not only helps us to empathize with that segment of our society too often neglected, but also to look past obvious differences to see the possibilities that a sound program can provide by recognizing and building on a disabled person’s dreams and abilities.

K. J. Janssen

Author of “The Journey” and “Siblings”

You’ll want to check this one out. Get on over to Amazon and get your copy of the paperback or ebook.

That’s all for now. Until next time, I remain,

The Wordspinner, Ken Janssen









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