By G. A. Ure on January 22, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I just read a fine book by K.J. Janssen titled “Siblings”. A very interesting book that begins with the Symington family members preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner.

It rolls out with all-American chit-chat as the players are introduced, but as it turns out, each of the children has (how to put this?) “issues.”

As the book builds, we go off on an adventure with one child – fresh from prison time – who gets suckered into being an insider for the F.B.I. and faces abandonment as promises made to clear his past seem to evaporate.There’s a huge drug bust and….I won’t spoil it for you.

Then we come to the doc with the gambling problem which the local hoodlery offers to let him “work off” by performing illegal abortions under an assumed name at a nearby clinic.

And what about the nurse? (There are several, by the way.) The key one turns out to be having a torrid affair complete with a psychedelic-powered sex life; enabled, we learn by accounting holes in the local hospital’s pharmacy procedures

Well, now you know. K.J. Janssen’s Symington family is the household…and then there are the Siblings: Richard (the abortionist), Wilson (the ex-con) and Maggie (the psychedelic tripper).

It’s a delightful read (certainly five star’s worth) not so much on the basis of the plot (which is good, don’t get me wrong) but because of the flavor of the characters.

It’s like when you’re reading a classic Raymond Chandler or Dashel Hammett mystery, you wonder “Gee…what kind of family could hatch such a character?”

That kind of “escape from here and now” is what we look for in entertaining reading. Economics and prepping? Sure. But sometimes you need a good story and this one is very savory, indeed.


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