Dear friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

I’ve got a couple of things to discuss today.

Yesterday I saw a site that asked readers to give a FREE christmas gift of a book review for an Author. What a great way to pay a literary gift forward. I like this idea and would suggest that you use this link to leave a nice review on Amazon for “SIBLINGS” by K. J. Janssen:


The second thing is to check your holiday gift list to see if a book in kindle or paperback would be a thoughtful gift for you or for a friend or family member: I recommend any of the following as great choices:

There is still time to get these fine novels by K. J. Janssen

BLOOD MONEY Ebook $0.99 Find it at:

FATAL DOSE Ebook $2.51 Find it at:

FAMILY MATTERS Ebook $8.99 Find it at:

SIBLINGS Ebook $3.99 Find it at:

Paperback $14.99 Find it at:

I’ll keep them up on this site until Christmas. Remember it only takes an instant to gift an ebook and only a couple of days for the paperback.

That’s all for now.

My best to you,

Ken (the Wordspinner)

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