Dear Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

I want to share with you the following review of “Siblings” by Battery Operated Bookblog:

“Nothing is ever perfect in any family, and only those in that family know what goes on behind closed doors. The Symington family, though a well respected family outside of their horrid lies, and ways of life, have many secrets, that are focused on throughout this novel. The Symington parents do their best to keep their children – all adults now – under control, but when they can’t even keep their lies under wraps, it’s a hard thing to do for all parties involved.

This novel dealt with a lot of real world issues. It was interesting to see these issues portrayed through a more medical standpoint than just real world issues that characters seemed to have in most novels. I think the most interesting of the issues was Mrs. Symington herself. When her health takes a turn for the worse, she turns to Mr. Symington’s business partner. Only problem is that the doctor/patient protocol doesn’t seem to apply to this relationship. When Mr. Symington (AKA Ron) has growing suspicions, he does the one thing that any sane man would do; hire a PI. The only issue is that he isn’t prepared for what it uncovers.

This novel isn’t what one would expect. I like medical mysteries/family drama novels, and this one had a nice spin on it that had the reader asking what was going to happen next. There wasn’t too much guessing work that would want to leave the reader ripping out their hair (thank you for that!), but there was just enough that kept the reader wanting to continue reading and really getting to the bottom of the Symington family.

There is a slight cliffhanger. Not like OMG I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOW. But more of, well…that ending can go one of two ways. I’m not sure if Mr. Janssen left the novel where he did to give the reader the satisfaction of their own ending, or if there are any plans for a sequel. I plan on keeping my eyes open for more of the Symington family, and give Mr. Janssen a 4/5 Bars!”

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I hope you will take Jennifer’s advice and get your own copy; they make excellent Christmas gifts as well. Go to Amazon:


That’s all for now. I remain,

Ken (The Wordspinner)

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