Dear Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

My latest thriller Family Matters is now available on Amazon .

Family Matters is like early episodes of the TV drama Dallas. The plot is fueled by rivalry, jealously, greed and, ultimately, murder. The setting is a stuffy New England town with an economic caste system. Good guys; bad guys.

There’s an old saying about how you can’t keep young and old bulls in the same pasture. The same can apply to fathers and sons. At one time or another, most sons feel as if they are in a competition with their fathers. The conflict is not necessarily one sided, either. Although most fathers consciously wish the best for their male progeny, often a love/hate ,even jealous relationship develops between them.

In Family Matters, the son had a nurturing experience during his formative years and until his father was deemed to be incompetent, there had always been an air of mutual respect. However, once the court ruled that the son was in charge of the business and the estate, the son, while assuring that his father was well taken care of, was determined that he would never return the leadership of the family or business to his father. It was one thing to assure that his father would be comfortable for life, but under no circumstances would he ever relinquish the control he now held.

In this family saga, the first Adam Kingston builds a clothing manufacturing company from scratch. In his sixties he commits suicide and his son takes over the business. Adam II continues to build Kingston Industries until his reckless life style results in dementia. The courts turn the father’s estate and control of the business over to his son and he is interned in the West Wing of Kingston Manor while his son Adam Kingston III ruthlessly expands the business.

The destinies of five townspeople in the quiet community of Old Pebscott, Connecticut are transformed as they converge with the Kingstons. The interplay between Adam Kingston III and the townspeople provides a fast moving drama as each of the main characters vies for position.

The reader is exposed to a myriad of emotions moving in and out of the character’s lives. Each has a good reason to hate the Kingstons, but only one of them hires an Assassin to kill Adam III and his father and to burn

If you decide to buy it and enjoy the excitement, please do a review on Amazon and tell your friends about it.

That’s all for now. Be well and be happy.

Your friend,

Ken (The Wordspinner)


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