Dear Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

Printed below is an excerpt from my upcoming novel “The Keys To the Kingdom”.

It is the prayer of a “seeker”.

Almighty God,

I open my Christ Consciousness to the inflow of your Grace. I surrender my mind, my body and my spirit to your will so that my life is directed for your purposes. Be my business, my home, my talent, my life so that the fruitage of my life glorifies you.

I take no thought for personal needs, for I know that I of my own self can do nothing and that you supply and perfect everything concerning me. You are the creative and maintaining principle of my being. You keep my body, mind and spirit in everlasting perfection. You make me whole.

You remove every obstacle from my path. I no longer accept the belief that weather, food, diseases or anything can be a governing factor in my life. No negative conditions can affect me or mine because we are protected by your love and grace.

This day, let your will be made manifest through me. Let no task be beyond my understanding or capacity. Let your Grace flow through me to touch everything and everyone that I come in contact with.

Now that should give you some food for thought. I welcome email comments at or through Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time, my best to you,

Your friend, the Ken the Wordspinner



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