Hello friends of the Wordspinners Place,

This morning’s entry contains some rather heady ideas. Some of the concepts I will put forth may conflict with your basic beliefs. If that occurs, I ask that you read the entire message before you reject it.

Okay, here goes:

God gave mankind a paradise (Garden of Eden) in the beginning. Mankind messed it up, was ejected from the Garden and forced to live by “the sweat of his brow”.

In the bible, Jesus is quoted as saying “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you” That brings up two thoughts. First, if the Kingdom is within us, then there most likely is not another Heaven in some far away ether. Second, was the Garden of Eden originally intended to be that Heaven?

Historically man has searched without success for the Garden of Eden as some Shangri La or Utopia. Not having found them, the natural assumption was that a Heaven was off somewhere in space. This concept is accepted by most religions and they have used the promise of a heavenly reward as a way to control their followers.

There is a strong case for the following idea. The Garden of Eden, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are one and the same. God’s plan was to provide an Edenic life for mankind. When we messed up, we then found that we needed to earn it back..

Evolution has changed the earth to the point where a physical Eden would be improbable.

The closest we can probably come is for our lives to be controlled by God; a life where we invite God to enter our Christ Consciousness and direct our activity. If we did that, Heaven in some far off place would have no significance for us. Heaven within, as Jesus taught would eliminate any concern about our lives; what we will eat, where we will live, what comforts we will enjoy. Our daily lives would suddenly become healthier, safer and more abundant.

All this is possible if we invite God to take over our lives. This is the redemption necessary to return to an Edenic life where we no longer have to worry, fear or be concerned about anything.

When you pray, then, you will be thanking God for taking over your life, rather than asking or begging God for something. God knows we have need of these things and it is his good pleasure to give us the Keys to the Kingdom


     I hope that you stayed with this long enough to get the big picture. The concepts presented here will be expanded upon in my forthcoming book “The Keys to the Kingdom”. Until then try to trust more in God indwelling and less in the ways of man.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, or any questions you may have.

Until next time, I remain your friend,

Ken, The Wordspinner

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