Awesome Gang Review: Fatal Dose by K J Janssen

Fatal Dose by K J Janssen

About Fatal Dose by K J Janssen:



Counterfeit prescription drugs are being distributed in every American city. Hundreds of innocent people are dying. Behind this pandemic is a cartel run by previous Cosa Nostra members.

The Cleveland Bureau of the FBI has set up a Pharmaceutical Drug Squad of Special Agents to close down the cartel’s operations. When one of these Agents is murdered, Special Agent Mark Matthews is assigned  to the squad in his place. Mark is teamed up with Special Agent Wendy Farrell and the two fall in love.

To further complicate matters, there is a spy among the Special Agents who is leaking information about the FBI’s plans. The Special Agent in Charge, Dennis Petersen, is unsure of who to trust leading to a number of stings and betrayals.

Agents continue to be killed as the antagonist Marco Vennuti protects the illegal operations from the deepening probes of the FBI investigation. However, unknown to him, his own mob boss, as part of a power play, is working for the demise of the drug operation at Atronen Pharmaceuticals, where Marco is employed and for the ultimate demise of Vennuti.

The Justice Department sends Inspector Milton Bagnold to Cleveland to conduct a special investigation into the multiple deaths of Special Agents. Bagnold helps uncover new evidence as the noose closes around Marco Vennuti.

When Mel Tarkington, who was responsible for the death of Mark’s former lover, special Agent Susan Harrigan, comes out of hiding to kill Mark, a shootout takes place on Cleveland streets.

Fatal Dose is action packed from the somber beginning to the unexpected end. There are numerous plots and sub-plots that take the reader down sinister paths. Fatal Dose is, as is often said, “ripped from the headlines”.

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Author Bio: Biography of K. J. Janssen

Ken is a multi-genre novelist living in Ohio, with his wife and miniature Schnauzer.

Blood Money, Ken’s debut novel centers on Mark Matthews, a private investigator turned FBI agent. In the novel Mark topples an association funneling money to terrorists. Published November, 2011.

Fatal Dose, the second Mark Matthews Mystery exposes a drug mafia distributing counterfeit prescription drugs and revisits some of the villains from Blood Money. Published March, 2013.

Both of these thrillers have multiple five star reviews including Jack (Spywriter) King.

The Path Taken exposes the secret battle for the consciousness of man. It is a modern day Everyman, exposing the between Super Consciousness and the Collective Unconscious.

Siblings, has all the wonder and excitement of a modern day romance novel coupled with an introspective into the hierarchy in sibling families. Romance, gambling, drugs and infidelity are rampant in this tale of the Symington family.

Family Matters is a multi-genre work about three generations of the Kingston family and their interactions with five townspeople in the peaceful community of Old Pebscott, Connecticut. The protagonist, Adam Kingston, provokes each of the main characters with a series of ruthless actions until one is driven to hire an assassin to kill both Adam and his father, and to burn Kingston Manor to the ground.

Ken is a member of ITW, ASCAP.


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