Good Morning, Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

I have another thought for you to ponder on the subject of WHAT MAKES US TICK? Once again I caution you to think about what I have to say, before making any judgement on it.

Okay. As much as we would like to believe that we control our every thought and action, it is absolutely untrue.

What you are is a walking, sitting or lying mess of judgements; judgements based on your memory of all your senses. For example, if I go out of my way to avoid something, it is not because I have, at that very moment, made a conscious decision about it. No…it is because of my previous “history” with it, that I decide to stay away. It may be out of fear, discomfort or just plain laziness. But, regardless of the reason, it is automatic, almost uncontrollable. I say almost, because at some point in the future we will learn how to “touch” the real spirit in us and allow that force to guide our lives; to overide the auto-circuits and choose outcomes that are for the “good of all concerned” and not just good for our ego.

During the next week take the opportunity to think of why you just did something and see if it wasn’t because of a pre-wired reaction to the past.

That’s all for now. Again let me stress that the key to our freedom and the opportunity to live a life built on real Spirit driven choices, is to spend time uncovering What Makes Us Tick.


Until next time, I remain,


Ken, The Wordspinner





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