Dear Friends of the Wordspinner’s Place,

I’m here to deliver what I promised last time. I will, before the end offer the first of many concepts that are designed to enlighten and free you from the shackles of mis-guidance.

From the start I must caution you that sometimes radical ideas will be put forth. I can only ask that before you reject them out-of-hand, that you give them some thought: maybe even experiment with them.

One thing I can promise, is that nothing will be presented that has not been tested and “reasoned out”.

Okay, then, Lets get started with the first concept:

Just because something has always been accepted doesn’t mean that it is true. In a comment to a facebook entry earlier this week I suggested that we should not accept that time means that our bodies deterioate. We have been so ingrained with this idea of aging that we have a population replete with gray haired seniors waiting for their time to come up.

What a disgrace this is, in a country where access to health care is second to none, but more important in a world where access to research and new ideas has never been greater.

Why, when we are presented with an exception to a so-called rule (for instance a senior in his or her eighties or nineties that appears to contadict the aging expectation by looking, feeling and acting as if they are in their sixties or even younger.) do we excuse it by giving credit to genes or some similar lame excuse.

How about instead of genetics we give the person some credit for using their head and deciding that enough was enough. Why not assume that the individual capitalized on the widely accepted concept of “becoming what we think” . Why couldn’t that person have cast aside the aging death sentence and decided instead that they are ten or even twenty years younger in their “inner self”  and make the resolution to accept it as “who they really are”.

Imagine the ramifications of this. It’s doesn’t have to apply to age. It can be about health, intelligence, physical or mental prowess; you pick it.

As I said earlier, you don’t have to accept this just because I said it. Think about it. Maybe even give it a try in some area of your life. Don’t assume that this will work the same for everyone. There are a lot of factors at work here, so results will vary.

You be the judge.

More next time. In the meantime, I remain,

Your friend,

Ken the Wordspinner





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