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Nothing could give me more pleasure than passing on this letter from the President on the subject of bullying. For some time now I’ve been telling you about the Primer on Bullying, Dale Hiron’s “Death to Bullying”. Read the presidents letter and then go to Amazon or Barnes & noble and get your copy of this great book.
Dear Friend:
Thank you for writing.  As President and as a parent, I am committed to combating bullying, harassment, and discrimination in our schools and communities, and I appreciate your perspective.   Bullying is never acceptable and must not be tolerated.  Too often, our children are harassed because of their actual or perceived differences, which we should value rather than target.  I am shocked and heartbroken by the losses of young people who took their own lives after being bullied.  My Administration has launched a coordinated effort to prevent suicides and to engage communities in protecting our youth, particularly at-risk groups such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth. 
In August 2010, we held the first-ever National Bullying Summit, which brought together State, local, tribal, civic, and corporate leaders to share perspectives and plan a national strategy to take on bullying.  We must ensure young Americans can learn in safe environments and can find and receive help from caring adults.  To learn more about my Administration’s commitment to addressing bullying and to find resources, please visit  
We know government alone cannot bring an end to these troubling incidents.  Combating bullying and harassment requires us to create a sustained and serious dialogue, and to engage institutions and individuals across our country.  Every adult has an obligation to set an example of respect and compassion, and to reject all forms of discrimination. 
For more information on bullying, please visit
Again, thank you for writing.
Barack Obama
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