We’ve been exploring reasons why we don’ t always manifest the things we want in life. Today I will explore what many believe is the major reason for this failure and I will offer some ways to overcome this.

Back in the “thirties” FDR said the “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself”. It can’t be any clearer or logical. FEAR is the great destroyer of HOPE. It is debilitating, it is limiting and in most cases in is unfounded.

Obviously I’m not talking about life threatening situations. I’m referring to behavior and actions that form the nucleus of our living and our growing.

What I found out is that this one emotion “FEAR” is behind many of our failures in life.

 Here are a few points to consider:

     The lock on the door of change only opens from the inside.  You are the one with the power. Have the courage to use the key.

     Say yes to what you want and no to what you don’t want. Have the courage to stand up to anyone that would tell you otherwise.

     To exist you must change yourself when nature requires it. Have the courage to embrace new ideas. Sometimes you must let go and take the chance that something better will come along.

     There is never a right time for change. Have the courage to plunge in right away even though there is no clear sign of success. DO IT NOW!

     If you want a better life you will have to look at the way you think and act. Have the courage to take a good look at yourself. You are the sum of the way you think. If you don’t like what you see, change it. DO IT NOW!

WINNERS ARE PEOPLE WHO EXPECT THINGS TO WORK OUT. With that expectation comes the courage one needs to face and overcome the FEAR that is so limiting.

BUCK UP! Grab the bull by the horns. Do some introspection as to what you are afraid of. Develop a plan to overcome that fear. As you do, you will garner the courage to make even more changes, until finally you have your life back on track.

I hope this helps. Next time we will move along with other ways that introspection can make for a better life.

Goodbye for now,

Your friend,

Ken (The Wordspinner)


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