Dear friends of  The Wordspinners Place,

Today, I will continue on the theme of “why we can’t always get what we want”.

Back in the Golden Days of Music, Ella Fitzgerald sang a song called Undecided, now.

The opening lyrics went like this:

           First you say you do, and then you don’t 

           And then you say you will, and then you won’t . . . .

 Imagine for a minute that you are the Great Benefactor of the Universe and someone comes to you with a heartfelt request. You immediately set in motion the manifestation of the person’s desire. Then, just as you are ready to put the finishing touches on it, they come back and ask for something entirely different. The first time their request was very passionate:the second time, not so much. 

So, what’s a Loving Benefactor to do. (This, no that; no this, no that…). Now multiply a single undecided petitioner by billions and it’s no wonder very little gets done.

The race is won by the determined, passionate and persistant runner. The winners of the world are the one’s who know what they want out of life, make a plan, diligently adhere to it and gratefully accept the rewards.

Spend some time during the next week deciding what it is that you want from life:

     Identify the building blocks required to obtain it.

     Pay what ever dues are necessary (prerequisites).

     Be firm and consistent in your belief that you will reach your goal.

     Be patient, as all the ramifications of your desire are worked through.

     Thank God Almighty for the gift of choice and means of manifestation.

Next week I’ll cover another aspect for getting what you want from life.

Be sure to check in.

My very best to you,

Ken (The Wordspinner) 










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