Dear friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

The “Stones” had it right, You can’t always get what you want, at least not always when you want it.”

What I mean by that is that the potential to have the fruit of our desires exists, but it doesn’t come by a “snap of the fingers.”

Think about it for a minute. Our creator, Almighty God, gave us dominion and the right to “CHOOSE”. Actually, not just the right, but the responsibility to make choices as co-creators of this Universe.

The world as we know it has evolved from the original creation to the splendor we have all around us. This was accomplished over many thousands of years through painstaking work. Building on the imagination and hard work of prior generations we co-created the environment we live in today.

God did not, per se, create what we see around us as he did in the beginning. He has relied on mankind to use the gifts that he bestowed to us at birth: his Holy Spirit (Godforce).

What does this have to do with “getting what you want to”? It’s simple. When you call upon the Universe to support your plans, you need to realize that there are 7 billion inhabitants of this planet that have the same potential. Unless they are brain dead, their desires are also directed out into the Universe.

What happens, then, if some of these desires conflict with others, cancelling them out?

What happens if you vacilate in your aim, your fervor or your belief that you can manifest your desire?

What happens if the network is clogged and you have to wait your turn?

What happens if you unknowlingly seek something that would be harmful to others?

What happens if you haven’t paid your dues (need to meet a prerequsite)?

The list goes on.

Now if you aren’t “gettin’ what you wanna” then come back next week and I will start going over these points and others until we fully understand how to get our fair share of the universal cornucopia.

I must caution you that it may at times get rather complicated. Gosh, if it were that simple we would all be millionaires and we would be living in peace.

Until then, my best to you,

Your friend Ken (The Wordspinner)



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