Dear followers of The Wordspinner’s Place,

Today I am going to begin a series of frank discussions. While the subject matter of this blog will temporarily change direction, my dedication to bringing you my most sincere and timely thinking, will not.

In 1963, Bob Dylan introduced a prophetic song called “The Times, they are A-changin”. Now fifty years later I introduce the theme “The times , they have changed”.

I do not believe that we fully realize that some important changes that should have occurred over the last fifty years have gone unrecognized.Some issues have not kept pace with the times. Our lifestyle is so active that we don’t take time to “smell the roses” or possibly the “stinkweeds”. In short, while the times have changed, our society has in some cases not kept up with the change.

To start, I want to take a look at gender; male/female, man/woman, boy/girl. Specifically the roles that each play in modern society. In particular, I want to offer some radical thoughts about the role of the male/man/boy in modern society. What follows only applies to developed, civilized countries.

To begin, we must return to pre-historic days when the “male of the species” was the Hunter/Gatherer (of wild plants and animals). Due to his physiognomy, man  assumed the dominant role in the ancestral subsistance mode. Surprisingly, not too much has changed since that time even though we have transitioned from the days of the caveman, through an agricultural culture to a highly industrialized society. Oh, women have roared and the “Dominati” have thrown them a few crumbs now and then, but nevertheless, it is still a “Male Oriented Society”.

What follows is, I believe, how the MOS is assuring the continuance of their heritage.

To start with, the religions of the world propogate male superiority. Women are considered a “help mate” not an equal. Young children are separated by colors (pink and blue) by toys (dolls and soldiers) and by education (boys and girls classes).

Early in life, boys are introduced to “COMPETITION” in all facets of their lives. Being better, being stronger, being wealthier and being more popular becomes the framework for fathers and male teachers in their nurturing of the male “specimen”. Pressure to achieve these goals may well be the reason behind some of the developmental conditions (ADHD, etc,) facing many young children. (Nature has a built in protection and will not be fooled))

We see other negative results in war, race relations, many sporting events, video games and even in the halls of our government. 

What can we do about this (assuming that you agree that the trend going in the wrong direction) . Well, one thing we can do is to redirect competition, so that it is a person trying to better themselves and not beat someone else down. Another way is to curb video games and other activities that have our youth spending hours trying to “beat” someone or some thing. This type of activity, according to some studies, creates a combatitive mentality that often results in agressive social behavior. This is  because the individual has difficulty disseminating between play and reality. Multiply this behavior by millions of young people engaged in these activities, and it becomes easier to understand why we have so many shooters, bombers and women abusers among our young males. The result of this type of upbringing can only sabotage the progress that has been made in the bonding of men/women as true partners in our society.

Let me know how you feel about this series. If you disagree, I would like to know your reasons. If you want to discuss this in private, you can always send me an email at

Before I leave, I want to assure you that I am not suggesting that we raise effiminate boys. Removing potentially dangerous behavior from the development of a male child will result in a more peaceful society and more balanced and responsible adult.

Your friend,

Ken (The Wordspinner)




















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