Good Morning Friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

Why Earthlings? That’s simple. It is because each of us is one of the seven billion inhabitants of this earth.

What does that mean to us. Well, one thing it means is that as homo sapiens we all share the resources of this earth. That’ a benefit we all receive , but with benefits come responsibilities.

Take the air we breath, for example. It is free and there for all to use to sustain our lives. Why then do we contaminate it for the sake of the almighty dollar?

Water is another benefit. It satisfies our thirst, hydrates our bodies, supports recreation, washes clean the dirt in our lives and irrigates the flora on the earth. Still we contaminate it until it is unfit for any use.

We live on a planet that is abundant in resources that mankind has converted into wealth. It is estimated that over one billion inhabitants of this world live lives of excessive comfort and ease. On the surface, that isn’t a bad thing. After all we were given dominion to use the earth for our enjoyment. On the flip side, however, at least a billion human beings go to sleep at night on a dirt floor and with an empty stomachs. I find it difficult to reconcile these two conditions.

Another benefit we have as humans is the power of our minds and the ability to have 2,000 thoughts per minute. What an awesome gift from our creator. Yet, how many of those thoughts are focused on uplifting our lives? How many are wasted on idle thoughts, on gossip, ill will towards others or selfish, sometimes impure thoughts?

BENEFITS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, give the issue some thought when you have the time. I can tell you that if you use the benefits (GIFTS) available to you to the greatest extent, the universe (GOD) will give you more to handle.

Not a bad deal, is it?

That’s all for now,


Ken (The Wordspinner)

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