Dear friend of The Wordspinner’s Place,

Writers don’t always receive the accolades that they deserve. 

Actors, musicians and performers (solo or group) get applause and requests for encores as recognition for their talent. Painters (including sculptors) get showings to exhibit their works and receive kudos for their excellence.

Writers of prose and poetry on the other hand have less of an opportunity to get recognition for their works. This is because they outnumber critics (reviewers) at least a thousand to one; maybe more. 

It is for this reason that I enjoy presenting the occasional book penned by a fellow writer that I feel has an unusual or especially pertinent message. These reviews have appeared in Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and in this blog.

Over the next several days, I want to reintroduce these outstanding books to you.

The first recommendation is: The Leap Year Boy by Marc Simon. If you haven’t read it, give The Leap Year Boy a try. If you have read it and haven’t done a review, go to Amazon and tell the author how much you enjoyed their book.

Another recommendation tomorrow. Until then I remain,

Your friend, The Wordspinner



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