I can’t help but wonder about all the hullabaloo about the U. S. Constitution.

There are some who bow down to this document as if it was a sacred scroll (or at least it is expediant for them to do so in today’s tepid political environment).

As a casual observer, I can’t help but wonder how the Constitution can be so revered when it has had to be modified (amended) 27 times since it’s exception.

How can it be so revered when many of the original signers were not religious, were slave owners and strictly geared toward the masculine point of view when it came to rights and priviliges.

I’m not for one minute taking anything from these brave individuals or their sacrafices for our country. But, then was then, and now is now.

It is foolheardy to hold this document up as sacrosanct when it has no direct relevance to our country today. Look how long it took abolish slavery, give women and blacks the vote, give young people old enough to die for their country the right to vote at 18.

The Constitution will always be a flawed document, in that it must always be updated to reflect the changing times. And that is as it should be.

Let the interpretation of the Constitution up to the Supreme Court. That’s why they are there. We shouldn’t go about second guessing what is best for this country.

So, I suggest that we soften the rhetoric about our amendment rights and get on with solving this nations problems for the good of ALL concerned.

All for now,

Ken (The Wordspinner)


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