Good morning, fellow friends of The Wordspinner’s Place.

Today I just want to say a few words that will seem to be political, but I mean them purely in a personal way. What I mean by this is that regardless of my political feelings, certain things just go against the grain.

One of the greatest situations that irks me is the “do nothing” attitude of the people we sent to Washington to have our interests protected and I scratch my head trying to think of any solution to the problem. Where is the “Great Statesman” when you need him? I close my eyes and I cannot conjure up an image of anyone that can fill those shoes, If that is true, woe is us!!!

Gasoline prices are another pet peeve. What fools we are to allow ourselves to be bandied about at the pump. Are our representatives so helpless that some order cannot be maintained in our marketplace?

Then there is the infrastructure . . . Crumbling bridges, sewer systems. electrical grids. The list goes on. How pathetic when the very solution to the problem, actually doing something about it, would be a great stimulus to the economy and help the unemployment problem. All that is needed is some action.

You probably noticed, that all of the above issues require action by those people we chose to represent us. While they play games with our future, we sit idly by and shake our heads in disapproval. Well, no more!

Folks, now is the time for us to do something. I know many of you are active in the social media with input that highlights problems. This is great, but obviously not enough. You’ve been at it for a long time and nothing seems to improve.

Today, I’m asking for your input and I plan to spotlight your ideas on this blog over the coming weeks. We need fresh ideas . . . solutions that can work. So put on your thinking caps and lets see if we can’t get something started

Respond here, or send me an email at Tell me if you want your name, blog or link published or whether you wish to be anonomyous. I will respect your wishes.

That’s all for now. Let me hear from you ASAP!!!

Ken (the wordspinner)

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