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Today we look at another CRAZY idea that has an influence in our personal lives.


Give me a break. I don’t care if it’s tradition, a reference from Bibles, other religious documents or whatever source a person may use . . . NOBODY, I REPEAT, NOBODY knows the “Will of God” (Including popes, preachers, gurus, you or me) or has any universal knowledge of God’s will.

The best we can do is reason, for ourselves, what God’s intent may be. The “still small voice” that dwells in us all is one source of this intent. Logic and reason do the rest.

What this implies is that there are different directions for each of us. In other words God’s “intent” seems to be personal not universal. So anyone saying that you must do this or that has no foundation in truth. They are simply trying to dominate you for their own purposes (which may or may not be in your best interests).

Use your God given (natural) skills to discern what direction you are to take. Use reason and common sense; that’s why you have it. Be master of your own ship or else someone else will “take the wheel”

Come back next week and we will look at another CRAZY idea that’s affecting our lives.

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