Fatal Dose by K. J. Janssen    





Fatal Dose by K. J. Janssen


NEW RELEASE: Mark Matthews Mystery – 2

Counterfeit prescription drugs are being distributed in every American city, killing thousands. Behind this pandemic is a cartel run by mob boss Marco Vennuti. When the FBI sets up a Pharmaceutical Drug Squad of Special Agents to shut down the cartel’s operations, the members are immediately in danger as Vennuti takes drastic measures to protect the cartel from the deepening FBI probe.Special Agent Mark Matthews is assigned to the squad and is teamed up with Special Agent Wendy Farrell to stop the cartel’s ever-tightening grip.

As if going up against the mob wasn’t intimidating enough for Matthews, the danger is amplified when Mel Tarkington, responsible for the death of Mark’s former lover, Susan Harrigan, comes out of hiding. And he’s hell-bent on killing Mark.

Book Reviews:

“Fatal Dose” won’t kill you, but it will make your adrenaline shoot through the roof… KJ Janssen’s thriller is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and twists that cause heart palpitations. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the thrills of this follow up to Blood Money…” By Jack King, Amazon
“Anyone that loves action, intrigue, murder and mayhem with a bit of hot romance thrown in–and who doesn’t–really needs to get K.J. Janssen’s Fatal Dose. Because from page one, the narrative draws you in and won’t let go… I know Mark Matthews fans will love this one as much as they loved Mr. Janssen’s first Mark Matthews mystery, Blood Money. Maybe even more. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down.” By Marc Simon Writer, Amazon
“K. J. Janssen has done it again … It is an exciting book from cover to cover. The novel was “ripped from the headlines” about a growing problem in America with counterfeit prescription drugs. Fatal Dose is one you don’t want to miss.” Walt Manning, Amazon

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