Today I’d like to begin a series of discussions about some ideas that we in America seem to embrace, that I ,frankly, believe are unbalanced, preposterous, nonsensical, daffy: in short, CRAZY.

Let’s start with the concept that an individual country can be  singled out  by GOD as BLESSED. There are between 196 and 250 countries in the world (depending on how “country” is defined). Many of these countries are at war with each other and their religious beliefs are sometimes at the root of the conflict.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is something essentially wrong with this picture. Come on now . . . why is it necessary to invoke God’s sponsorship for a country, an enterprise or an idea.? If something doesn’t have enough support, that we have to call on a deity to endorse it, maybe it shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Maybe you haven’t paid particular attention, but even America’s patriotic endeavors don’t make the claim that God supports our country. The song GOD BLESS AMERICA is actually asking GOD to bless the United States, and to “guide” us in our undertakings. It is also very popular today for our leaders to conclude their speeches with “And May God Bless America”.

So you see, when anyone suggests that one idea or another should be accepted because God is supporting our country, they are treading on weak ground. Be mindful of these charlatans.  If their arguments depend on supernatural support . . . run, don’t walk away as quickly as you can.

More craziness next week. Again I welcome your comments or thoughts on facebook or at my email

Until then I remain,




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