Dear  readers,

Today we are going to discuss how we can defend ourselves from attempts by the Collective Unconscious to control our thoughts and behavior.

The main weapon we have is the power to REBUKE. Webster defines rebuke as reproving sharply or censuring. It’s not a word we hear a lot, but it has a history worth noting. The first mention of rebuking that I can recall comes from the New Testament, when Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, and Jesus rebuked him by replying, “Get thee behind me Satan”.

Uttering a rebuke such as this is a very sound defense against the negative effects of the Collective Unconscious, however it can only be used when we are conscious of the temptation or influence as it is occurring. As we discussed previously, we do not always know why we are thinking, speaking or doing something that we really don’t want to do.

So, while a rebuke can be used when we are aware of a situation, we obviously need to have a defense ready for those occurances where we are unaware of an outside influence.

Until we reach the “tipping point” (where over 50% of the world’s inhabitants are positive thinkers) constant vigilance will be necessary. This is a responsibility of enormous proportions, but it is understandable when we consider that the Collective Unconscious is the repository of every thought, word and deed since the human brain was formed (everything that has ever occurred is influencing us whether we know it or not).

Now you understand why the world is the way it is. We are all making it that way. While events in this world may take you by surprise at times, it’s easy to realize that in some cases we as participants aren’t even aware of why we are acting one way or another. The CU often makes robots of us.

Back to building our defense.  It is obvious, that to start, we must make a conscious effort to define what we want for our lives and what actions we want to take to help mankind move forward.

Here’s an affirmation that might be useful. You need to say it at least twice a day (first thing in the morning and last thing at night), but obviously, the more you say it, the stronger will be the results:

I consecrate this day for the honor and glory of my creator and I rebuke anything from the Collective Unconscious that in any way interferes with the full and complete manifestation of all of God Almighty’s peace, love and grace in my life.

At this point you should be specific about the the gifts you have been given and wish to preserve ( i.e., health, safety and security, prosperity, specific loved ones, your job, a talent ,etc.). Identify them as the means by which you are playing your role as a co-creator of our evolving Universe.

Give that a try for a few weeks. See if you don’t notice that things are improving in your life. See if you don’t feel safer; more in control.

I’ll be taking tomorrow off, so I’ll blog again on Tuesday. In the interim, I welcome your replies , either by comments or an email at

Have a blessed and peaceful day,




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  1. Dear ken,
    I have just discovered your blog, so thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts and suggestions. I have already copied your affirmation into my personal journal! I wishy all the best experience with your research and writing project 🙂
    Barbara Jean Sorensen

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