Dear Wordspinner Place followers,

Today, the rubber meets the road. We will deal with the reality of the failure of our choices.

Let’s assume that you’ve been making what seem to be reasonable, just and firm decisions or choices. However, things aren’t working out quite the way you expected them to.

What’s happening? Well, there can be several explanations:

The first is that there may be unintended circumstances that you failed to take into account. Sometimes getting your wishes also means  receiving something else that is attached to it; things you may not have wanted.

The second is that the power you thought you were excercising with your choice was subjugated by the covert influence of the Collective Unconscious (an overriding power that you are not aware of). For example, even though you intended to have a different outcome in a situation, the overwhelming influence of tradition or habit may have won the day.

A third explanation could be that there is more to the outcome of your choice than you are aware of. Maybe you have only a partial resolution. (Film at eleven, kind of stuff.)

A possible fourth explanation is that you went beyond the realm of possibilty with your choice. I mean, let’s face it, if you’re 5’5” and you decide that you want to be 6′ tall, there is little chance that your desire will be fulfilled.

Of course there is more to this, but I think that this enough to think about for now. As you can see, making choices is not as simple as it seems. Not only do we have to give a lot of thought into the nature of the choice, but we must also consider the ramifications and how we can lock into the wording, enough power to overcome the influence of the Collective Unconscious.

Next time we will look squarely at the Collective Unconscious. What it is, what it is not and how we can prevent it from running our lives without our knowledge.

I promise you that it will be eye-opening.

Ken (The Wordspinner)



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