Hello, followers of The Wordspinner’s Place,

Boy, was I surprised. I received over 15 emails from readers as a result of offering to take messages off-line at my email site.

Fisrt, I want to thank you for the kind words. It’s comforting to discover that the posts I manage to put out every day are having a positive result in so many lives.

Second, as many of you confirmed, the most pragmatic approach for our daily contact, will be to concentrate on daily living and as much as possible avoid topics that would tend to build a schism between us. We certainly want to avoid that.

That being said, let’s move on to the subject of the choices we make in our role as co-creators of the Universe (the role we have had since the spark of God’s spirit, our Godforce entered our beings at birth).

The chief obstacle that the Collective Unconscious will throw into your path is doubt. (Plain and simple doubt).  It will have you asking: What if I’m wrong?  What if I do the wrong thing and hurt someone?  What if I’m going down the wrong path?

“What ifs” can go on forever. They are the greatest hinderance to taking positive steps in our lives. Don’t be a victim of uncertainty. Discernment is always the wisest choice when faced with uncertainty. Surely you must know that if you are given the power to make life changing choices, you are also given the power to know which ones are right and which are wrong. Without that “knowing” you would be adrift in a sea of ambiguity.

When you make a “life changing” decision or choice, you will instinctively “know” that you have made the best decision or choice. Move forward with courage and certainty and you can never go wrong.

More next time.

In the interim keep up the dialog. I appreciate hearing from you.





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