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Have you ever given much thought to the process your brain uses to deal with the flood of information, sights, sounds and feelings? Probably not. We tend to spent most of our time dealing with how to react to these occurances.

Obviously, our brains must be on auto-matic pilot for 99.9% or more of what it is called upon to measure, or react to. The Master Designer created it that way to prevent our neural/chemical/electrical circuitry from shorting out. Imagine if you had to think about causing every beat of your heart, inhaling every lungful of life giving air or even the blink of an eye; you just wouldn’t be able to do it.

With all those essential activities going on without any conscious responsiblity on your part, it would appear reasonable to assume that living a purposeful life depends on how we perform those activities that are left.

That is where we can do our best work. That is where we can exercise our free will; where we can make the choices that will effect our lives and the lives of others.

Some time ago, I reasoned that we seem to have “creative” powers: some more than others. A study of mankind’s progress from the stoneage shows that today’s civilization is due to the thoughts, ideas and actions on the part of men. If we can accomplish good things for the benefit of others, it is reasonable to conclude that this power must be a gift from our creator; to help us with the evolutionary process of the Universe.

Of course this gift was given to all men, good and evil and can be used in like manner to either aid or harm society.

More tomorrow. In the interim, I would like to hear from you. While many of you have already sent messages, I would like to invite some new thinking to the mix. You can comment here, but if you prefer to go one-on-one, contact me via email at :



That being s

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