Dear friends of The Wordspinner’s Place,

Here we are again. Another opportunity to share some ideas and perhaps in the process to grow a little bit.

I made reference to “reason” in previous messages. Reason (in the context I refer to it here)  is defined by Webster as: the capacity for rational thought, inference or discrimination.

It is necessary that reason be the basis of our beliefs, because without reason they collapse easily at the slightest challenge. Think about this for a minute. How many beliefs do you harbor that are supported only by emotion or habit?  You know the ones I’m referring to. Those beliefs that were inculcated early in your life, before you had the opportunity or the temerity to challenge them. After a while, they became comfortable and without a need to think about them, they became a part of your persona.

I have no doubt that some of your beliefs have been challenged at one time or another. Sometimes we are intellectually lazy and when we land up asking ourselves “why do I think this way”, we often disgard the thought and move on.

In the future, when presented with such a situation, I suggest that you stop and think about the basis of the belief. If you believe that way because it was what you were taught and you never actually gave it any thought, then you have the opportunity to be intellectully honest and to determine what you really think; even if it rerquires a one-hundred-eighty degree turn.

Next time we will approach reason from a different angle . . . that being a new idea or concept that we really never gave any thought to.

Until then, I remain, Ken (THE WORDSPINNER)



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