Today I am reprinting a  message I sent to a curious follower:

I am pleased that THE WORDSPINNER’S PLACE is of interest to you and your friends. This site is one of the few that doesn’t sugar-coat the truth.

As an author of fiction novels, the internet provides me with a platform to expand my thoughts beyond the pages of books. What you read here has survived the test of time and reason.

I don’t ask anyone to just accept what I say, but to spend some time contemplating the words and discerning the meanings behind them. I’ve spent a lifetime doing this and what I write is the distillation of years of thought.

We have the spark of God in us, I call it the GODFORCE. It empowers us to be co-creators with God Almighty in the evolution of mankind and of this planet. We are stewards of this GODFORCE. Unfortunately we can use it in negative as well as positive ways.

That’s why we must be ever vigilant to protect ourselves from the vicissitudes of the Collective Unconscious. Future entries to this blog will go into greater details.

I feel that we are approaching a tipping point where the power of Super Consciousness will outweigh that of the Collective Unconscious. That will be the beginning of “Heaven on Earth”


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