Dear friends,

It should be apparent from the tragic events in Boston, that events occur in our lives over which we appear to have little or no control. This is true because of the Collective Unconscious.

The Collective Unconscious has a much greater influence in our lives than most people realize. Everyone is affected by the Collective Unconscious, which encompasses the totality of human existence.

Unless we take steps to protect ourselves we are open, 24/7, to the influence of this force, that we cannot see and which we do not fully understand.

Affirmative prayer that is concentrated on the desired outcome in one’s life, that is specifically directed at a positive objective will provide the protection necessary to combat the effect of the Collective Unconscious; as opposed to praying to avoid an undesirable objective, which names it and therefore gives it more power.

The Collective Unconscious is not evil, per se. It has both a positive and negative nature depending on the manner in which it is used. That is why it is important to be specific in your affirmative prayer to direct your own Godforce only toward those things that will benefit you in your role as a co-creator of God Almighty’s Universe.

More next time.

I remain your friend,

Ken,  The Wordspinner


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