Yesterday I brought up the idea that we may not be as much in charge of our own destinies as we think we are. The reaction was swift and surprisingly, very positive.

One very insightful friend on facebook pointed out that all her life she had disliked a distant aunt because her mother had told her some shameful things about her. To her surprise, when her mother died the aunt flew in from Seattle and the woman discovered that her aunt was a beautiful person who operated a philanthropic organization in Seattle. To her surprise, she also discovered that her aunt had sent her birthday and christmas cards with a check every year since her birth; cards that her mother presumably discarded.

The moral of the story is not to take on someone elses likes/dislikes, emotions, and feelings as your own. Everyone, including yourself deserves to be judged on their own merits not by the words/opinions of others.

Take a moment to see if some of these judgement scarecrows inhabit your yard.

There will be more next time, so be sure to come back. Tell your friends about THE WORDSPINNER’S PLACE. You’ll do them and me a big favor.

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