Todays subject comes from a lifetime of observation. It will take some introspection and some intellectual honesty to discern the truths being laid out here. There are forces at work that are attempting to make followers  (sheep) out of us.

Have you ever watched or listened to an advertisement on TV or radio that starts with a brash statement as an underlying premise that implies that the rest of the message is then true? The “make a statement and move on” technique is very prevelant with political advertising and with the messages for products that have no real endearing charm about them.

For example, take ads that use the word “everybody” or “nobody”. These words are so collective that the mind should immediately reject them, however they are usually said so quickly and with such authority that they often slip right by our mental sentinal.

Billions of dollars are spent conjuring up deceptive advertising. Propaganda was born in of last century and has been finessed into an art form by ad agencies and politicians.

Think about this the next time you listen to a commercial, a political pundit or show-host.

Comment if you agree (or even if you don’t). It’s always heartwarming to get feedback.




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