New Banner

Hi! folks,

I started the day by revising my banner. Truly, an author is a word spinner.

Interest in my novels is building on two fronts:

There are publishers that specialize in print media who are interested in all my novels that are ebooks. That is gratifying in that it opens up readership to everyone.

On a separate front I have increasing communications going on with publishers
interested in Secret Armageddon. I’m looking there for publishing in print and ebook.

The coming days will be exciting ones for me. I promise to keep you up to date and occasionally to sneak in some tidbits about future writings.

My very best to everyone,


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2 Responses to New Banner

  1. Walter manning says:


    Really like your new banner.

    You are truly a word-spinner.

    I look forward to your “tidbits” and of course all your new novels.

    How about telling us more about Secret Armageddon. Is it a thriller?

    Your loyal reader,

    Walter Manning

    • kjans3 says:


      Thanks for the kind words.

      Secret Armageddon, as it’s name implies, is an inspirational novel. That doesn’t mean that their isn’t some intrique, betrayal and pathos involved.

      I think you will like it.

      In the interim, The cover for the second Mark Matthews mystery “Fatal Dose” is being designed and the novel is in the queue to be publihsed by Untreed Reads as an ebook next month.

      Once again, I appreciate your loyal readership. I’ll try my best not to disappoint you or the hundreds of other readers who have been ordering “Blood Money” and “Hampton Manor”

      My best to you,


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