Thriller • Author: K.J. Janssen
eBook: iPad, Kindle, KOBO, Nook, Sony, etc.
eBook (Amazon download): Kindle, $4.99
Hampton Manor is a multi-genre work about three generations of the Hampton family. As the story unfolds, the lives of five townspeople in the quiet New England town of Old Brooking, Connecticut are transformed as they contend with two generations of the Hampton family.
The protagonist, Adam Hampton III is an amalgamation of characters from fiction and real life. He stirs up the emotions of each of the main characters through a series of ruthless actions until he drives one of them too far.

The Hampton family has run roughshod over neighbors, vendors and customers for three generations. They finally get their comeuppance in the pages of Hampton Manor. In this thriller, the first Adam Hampton builds a clothing manufacturing empire from scratch during the Great Depression. The next generation, Adam Hampton II grows the company even further until his reckless lifestyle results in dementia.

We enter the story as his son, Adam III, ruthlessly expands his business at the expense of five townspeople in the quiet New England town of Old Brooking, Connecticut:

-Lauren Pendleton Hampton, divorced wife of Adam Hampton III. Lost his baby son in an riding accident.

-Evelyn Littleton, married and divorced four times. She knew Adam II intimately.

-Marcia Bloom, VP at Hampton Industries. Has affair with Adam III, then with Kane Masterson.

-Daniel McKnight, owner of three sports franchises in Old Brooking. Incurs Adam III’s wrath when he marries Adam’s ex-wife Lauren.

-Kane Masterson, CEO of Preston Industries. Preston is a crown jewel that Adam III is seeking. He has an affair with Marcia Bloom.

One of these five hires an assassin to kill Adam Hampton III and his father and burn Hampton Manor to the ground.

Emotionally suspenseful and compelling, Hampton Manor is peopled with flawed, but well meaning characters. It is a thriller from beginning to end.

Buy it today! You’ll enjoy it.

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